What is a VIP subscription? What is the difference between a VIP and a VIP PLUS subscription?

You need a VIP or VIP Plus (special subscription) to download from Addono. 95% of plug-in files are in the VIP (normal subscription) category, but about 5% of plug-in files that have a much higher value are in the VIP Plus (special subscription) category.


Access to special subscription files (vip plus) is available in quarterly, six-month and one-year plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I download site files using Download Manager?
Download site files is also possible through Download Manager. But the download system of the site is designed in such a way that the start of the download must be done through the site, and then if your download manager has the appropriate settings and is able to automatically receive the link from the browser, the link will be downloaded automatically. The manager will be transferred. Therefore, in order to download using the download manager, first make sure that there are correct settings for receiving the link from the browser in your download manager, then use your browser to enter your user panel, and then on the site on the link you want to start downloading. Click. In this case, the link will be automatically received by the download manager and will be continued through it.
Is there a limit to the number or size of downloadable files?
For the well-being of users and meeting various needs, various plans have been provided for you to share on the site. Among these plans, plans with unlimited download capability are also available to you. Therefore, for unlimited access to the files during the subscription period, you can choose one of the unlimited plans available on the site according to your needs.
How do I download the update of my desired product?
If a new version of your desired product is on the site, you can simply download the new version of your desired product by having an active subscription. If your special subscription has ended, all you have to do is renew your subscription by visiting your user panel and then proceed to download the file you want.
How to request a file from Freepik and Envato Elements sites?
Depending on the type of plan purchased, you can request a certain number of files from these two large sites.
Send the link of your desired file from the support ticket section. Our partners will send the requested file in response to your ticket in less than a few hours.
What should I do if I need more files from the Envato Element and Freepik sites but my download capacity is low?
If the capacity of your request has been exhausted during your subscription period and you still need more files from the free courier and Envato Element sites, it is enough to pay 7.000 Tomans for each file from the counter section of your user panel, and then from Support ticket section Send us the link related to the desired files. Our partners will send the requested files in response to your ticket in less than a few hours.
What is the difference between special files (vip plus) and regular files (vip)?
Special files are files that have been purchased directly by us or have been Persianized, right-aligned and customized by us.
Due to the cost and time spent on such files, it is not possible for all members to download them, and only users of three months or more, so-called special members, will be able to access the special file.
In addition to special files (vip plus) subscribers also have access to other public files on the site.
Can I request that you put the product on the site for download?
Yes, if your subscription is active in Addono, you can send your request from the ticket submission section in your user panel. After reviewing your request, if it is possible to put the file you want in the add-on, the add-on content team will put the desired product on the site in the shortest possible time.
Do you support the content of files published in Afzoono
The main nature of Afzoono activity is as a download center, and the files that are published are not supported in terms of content. This means that some files may not be null properly, or parts of the file, including code and styles, may have problems, and we do not guarantee that they will be installed properly or without problems.
But in terms of the health of the downloaded file, support is provided and we guarantee that we will provide you with files that are safe.